Before I started Crossfit, I thought that it was only for crazy people who absolutely loved working out.I personally have never liked working out and never could stick to a program or stay motivated at a gym for more than a month.After my first class at Crossfit North Sound I knew I was hooked.I could even say addicted. I have only been going to the gym since December 2012 but I can proudly say I have gone and worked out 5 days a week since I started. Crossfit North Sound is not like any other gym. It is like a family. Everyone is extremely supportive and encouraging.What makes it so addicting is that the workouts change everyday.They push you mentally and physically and with everyone’s support every workout gets finished.It has been amazing to see my transformation and to see how much stronger I am getting everyday. Connor and Kelsey have been amazing Coaches. They are very knowledgeable and strive to make every one of us a better athlete.It doesn't matter if I have had a long or stressful day at work, going to the gym has always made my day better. Crossfit has shown me that I can push my limits farther than I ever imagined and I am excited to see all of the progress I will make in the future. I am so proud to be part of Crossfit North Sound’s family.

- Kaylee Owens


Joining Crossfit North Sound has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Going to CFNS is more than just going to a gym, I get a super-efficient workout that fits into my busy work schedule and is a place to sweat out the stress. The difference I found here from other gyms is that the people are amazing and encourage you to work harder, like being on a team. Coach Connor is great; he focuses on proper form every day to make sure you are working your safest and hardest for the biggest gains. I see positive results every day in both myself and the other members, both physically and mentally.

- Riley Anderson


Crossfit has forever changed my life and way of thinking. For years I was one who didn’t understand the concept of gyms that people went to just to walk on a treadmill. After a friend repeatedly encouraged me to try Crossfit, I gave it a try. I have never looked back. First, the people at North Sound are amazing. Both the trainers and other members want nothing but the best for each person entering the gym. The atmosphere is fun, light hearted and at the same time challenging. Connor and Kelsey, the trainers, know what works best and how to make you feel successful. Second, each day is different. You never feel the monotony of doing the same routine day in and day out. Everything is scaled to what you can achieve and feel success. It has been almost two years since my first day in the gym, and I still have the same love and passion for becoming fit and achieving goals I never thought I would

- Ann Bradley


Before joining Crossfit North Sound, I wasn't very consistent with working out and often dreaded going to the gym; I would go for a month, then skip a few weeks and struggle to get back into a routine with it - now it is the highlight of my day and I hate missing workouts! No matter what kind of day I've had at work, or how tired I am, it all seems to disappear with a good (hard) workout and a little socializing with a lot of great people at CFNS. When I first started it was a little intimidating showing up alone amongst people who seemed to already be friends and in a lot better shape than myself. As I continued going to class, I learned how nice everyone was, and how even though I may have felt insecure about my ability compared to others, no one was judging me on what I couldn't do, but were supportive on the progress I made. This, along with good coaching has forced me to work a lot harder than I ever had at a regular gym, and as a bonus I have made a lot of great new friends. Having a coach who not only is an amazing athlete himself but really takes the time to work with you and genuinely cares about everyone is the best! With each class I am pushed to work a little harder on a movement I struggle with, or to get even better at something I am more comfortable with. It is impressive how Connor knows what each person is capable of individually and how far to push you, which makes all the difference when it comes to improvement and working towards achieving fitness goals. Since joining 10 months ago, I have gotten and am continuing to get much stronger, have better endurance, and just am overall healthier and happier!

Carrie Hauge


I could choose to get strong and fit anywhere, but since day one CrossFit North Sound has felt like home. Something unique and special has been created in this space, it has become one of the most caring and supportive communities of athletes that I have ever been involved in. It has changed my life, giving me a confidence that I never knew I had.  Every time I set foot into the gym I am excited to see what my body can achieve.  Connor, Kelsey, and Anna have inspired me to believe that no matter where I am at, what weight may or may not be on my bar, I am an athlete and I can achieve whatever I set my mind to . They are immediately invested in anyone that comes in to the gym- modifying any workout, watching form, cheering you on, pushing you to your limit and are SO smart about fitness.  Although my fitness is, and will always be a work in progress, I am so thankful and thrilled to be on this journey with everyone at CFNS!!

Sarah Miller


Back in October 2013, I had my annual physical and after doing all my blood work, my Doctor informed me that my pre-diabetic condition, which I had for many years, was now showing that I had diabetes. At that point the Doctor gave me the gizmo where I had to prick my finger every morning and evening. Reality hit me hard. I better do something to eat right and get in shape.

At my heaviest, I weighed 270 pounds. My cholesterol was high and my blood sugars were out of whack. I’ve had a membership at LA Fitness for years and at one point had a personal trainer, where I did loose some weight, but it didn’t provide the structure that met my needs.

So I decided to look up on Yelp! for a personal trainer in my area and Cross Fit North Sound came up in the search. I sent in an email to inquire and got an immediate response. I called to follow up on the email and I was invited to attend the next class, which, started in 15 minutes!!!

Getting started is the biggest challenge. The workouts are tough but structured and instructive. Connor Nelson provides encouraged guidance, especially when you’re new to something like Cross Fit. The best part is that everyone at the gym is so supportive. There are people of all ages and different levels all working out on the same routine and the encouragement from everyone is outstanding.

I’ve now been at it 4 months now. I’ve changed my diet and workout at least 3-4 days a week. I now weigh in at 235 pounds, getting closer to my goal. My Doctor wanted me to get to 220, but I’d like to get to 200, so I’m half way there.

I would highly recommend North Sound Cross Fit for anyone looking for a supportive, structured and fun environment to meet your physical fitness goals.

- Peter Dervin