Connor Nelson (Gym Owner)


I have been doing CrossFit since 2008 and coaching since 2010. I have been involved with athletics my whole life, I was a collegiate Rugby player at Western Washington University, and before that played Basketball and Football for Meadowdale High School. I love the competition aspect of CrossFit as it presents me with a challenge every day, but my true passion is coaching and teaching. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to coach a variety of athletes, from 60+ year olds battling degenerative diseases to 22 year old regional level CrossFit competitors and I have loved every second of it. CrossFit has given me an opportunity where I can use my passion for coaching to help motivate other to achieve lifelong health and fitness goals. I love knowing that I am making a difference in athletes lives and helping clients create the healthiest lifestyle possible. For anyone interested in getting ready for the CrossFit Open/Regionals or just looking to be competitive please feel free to send me an email and we can talk about options to help yourself have you best year yet!


  • CF - Level 
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification


  •  CrossFit X 2010-2012
  •  Meadowdale High School Varsity Football 2011 Season
  • Crossfit Instructor at Western Washington University’s Student Recreation Center 2010-2012


  • Western Washington University, Business Administration – Finance 2008-2012


  • 7th place finish 2014 CrossFit Regionals - Northwest Region
  • 1st place finish 2013 Beast Fest Comp - Xplore CrossFit
  • 1st place finish 2013 Interbay-Bellevue Throwdown - Bellevue CrossFit
  • 14th place finish 2013 CrossFit Regional – Northwest Region
  • 18th place finish 2013 CrossFit Open – Northwest Region
  • 1st place finish 2012 Gorilla Games - Team Division
  • 15th place finish 2012 CrossFit Regionals – Northwest Region
  • 8th place finish 2012 CrossFit Open – Northwest Region
  • 2nd place finish 2012 CrossFit Taranis Winter Challenge – Victoria B.C
  • 16th place finish 2011 CrossFit Regionals – Northwest Region
  • 17th place finish 2011 Crossfit Open – Northwest Region
  • 2nd place finish 2011 Crossfit Taranis Winter Challenge – Victoria B.C
  • Western Washington University - Division 1 Rugby

 John-Carlos Aaron (Head Coach)


I started CrossFit after a co-worker of mine at a globo gym mentioned I should try it. I went online to search for a workout and did the first one I came across: "Murph", with a 20lb weight vest and all. It took me 2 hours to finish, with strict pull-up's and knee bends as air squats.  But I'd never felt so "good" and alive after doing a workout before. So of course I wanted more. I signed up for onramp at a local box and began my journey. 7 months later I found my true passion: coaching others. I love teaching athletes the beauty of functional movements, and seeing people grow into new bodies with new skills, strengths and power. CrossFit has so much to offer--we play with barbells, do crazy gymnastics and breathe heavy; we compete with our peers during the Open and strive for new goals everyday.  But what I truly love about CrossFit is how it gives us more fitness to use outside the gym. Even though I compete in the sport of weightlifting, I try to apply my fitness by getting outside and climbing, paddling and hiking. It's been almost 5 years now on this journey, and I absolutely love what I do. I've had the privilege of coaching many different athletes with all types of goals. I highly respect all equally, and strive to help people reach whatever goal their working towards.


  • CF-Level 1 Trainer

Anna Ketola (Gym Manager/Coach)


I was first introduced to crossfit a few years ago when my classmate brought me to a class offered at our Western Washington University Recreation Center. But my committed journey really began almost exactly one year ago, when I nervously found my way to the doorstep of Crossfit North Sound that morning it first opened. I never anticipated the profound love for crossfit I soon discovered, and since that day, have pursued with a greater enthusiasm and passion than anything before it. Through my exploration of crossfit as a fitness program, a competitive sport, and an inspiring community, I’ve become deeply invested in the pursuit for the best quality life for all my life. Although crossfit has helped me improve my own health, nutrition, and athleticism immeasurably, I find the most joy in seeing the way it transforms the lives of others. Whether the aspirations are big or small, competitive or not, I am passionate about helping people accomplish their personal goals and achieve healthier, happier lifestyles.


  • CF-L1 Trainer
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Certification
  • Bachelor's in Community Psychology from the University of Washington

 Kelsey McClain (Coach):


I have worked in the Fitness Industry for the last 10 years, but my Crossfit journey began in late 2014 when I decided to try out my friend’s gym in Spokane, where I lived for the last 10 years. I had coached at an unaffiliated gym a few years prior, but had not belonged to an official Crossfit gym. I was always intimidated by the name, but after one class I was hooked. I loved that atmosphere and community that Crossfit brought to its participants, and it appealed to my extremely competitive nature.

A few months after joining the gym, I was approached by the owner to start coaching. I was thrilled for the opportunity and fell in love with the participants and the energy of the classes. During this time, I participated in the “Competitors Class” that the gym provided and competed in a handful of local and in-house competitions.

In late 2015, I was offered a job at Boeing, as an Exercises Physiologist, that would bring me back to the Westside of the state. After accepting the position, I immediately began scouting out local Crossfit gyms that I would test before choosing my home gym. I knew that I had to keep Crossfit in my life, but I was nervous that I would never find the community or exercise intensity that I had in Spokane. So, right after my very first day at Boeing, I went straight to Crossfit North Sound to test out their class; I had followed Connor’s programming and really respected the way he designed his classes. Right when I walked through the door, I received a very warm welcome from Connor, and I knew right away that I would not be testing out any other gyms; I was home!

Just a few short months later, Connor asked me to join the team; I was thrilled! I knew the caliber of coaches that he employed and felt honored that he wanted me to join them. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a positive, welcoming group of people. The members at North Sound continually inspire me by their hard work and dedication throughout the workouts!


  • Master’s degree in Exercise Science, emphasis in Sports Enhancement and Injury Prevention
  • Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through NASM
  • Certified Speed and Agility Coach through NASE
  • Certified Level 1 Sport Performance Coach for USA Weightlifting
  • CF- Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified ACE Personal Trainer
  • Certified as an ACE Group Exercise Instructor, Silver Sneakers, TRX, and cycle instructor
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid

Alicia Solberg (Coach):



I started CrossFit when my youngest son was just over a year old. I had tried exercising on my own for a couple years – traditional gym membership, workout DVD’s, running/walking – but I was unable to stay consistent and always found a reason why what I was doing wasn’t working for me. After just a few weeks I began noticing improvement and I found myself feeling much better physically and mentally and I was hooked! CrossFit has had an undeniably positive impact on my life in all areas. I’m a stronger person inside and out and a better wife and Mom.

At CrossFit North Sound I fell in love with the gym environment, the programming and the coaching style. I knew that someday I wanted to be a part of the team that inspired me and encouraged me to improve. I received an invitation to join the team and signed up for my Level 1 Certificate course.  Throughout my 4 year CrossFit career I’ve learned valuable tokens of knowledge from every coach I’ve worked with and I now get to pay it forward and share those things with others as well as implementing my own coaching style. I enjoy teaching others technique of movements as well as being there to support and motivate them. Seeing our athlete’s success and desire for improvement is already fulfilling a new found passion for me!


  • CF-L1

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